Beyond Cosmopolitanism into Intersectionality

The Read’s Art Space Gallery cordially invites you to the opening reception and silent auction of the exhibit, Intersectionality. Together we support the mission of the artist-run Reads’ Art Space Gallery that places Bridgeport on the map of the emerging Creative Economy.

About the Exhibit:
The exhibition offers a contemporary framework to conceptualize the artist as a connector to a set of constantly shifting identities. Thematics of context, meaning, and time are addressed in various styles and media including: painting, sculpture, digital, collage, video and 3D fabrication.

Artists: Vasken Kalayjian, Liz Squillace, Adger Cowans, Yolanda Petrocelli, Daniel Lanzilotta.

Intersectionality is the contemporary framework we selected to explore our identity construction in today’s reality. We go beyond the concept of cosmopolitanism that brings together likeminded people in their different voices and nationalities. The Intersectionality approach of Reads’ Art Space addresses the complex and subtle interplay of our ethnicity, gender differences, forced migration and transnational population movements that shape various levels of invisible oppression and how they impact our identity construction and expression.”

Intersectionality: a new way of framing our sense of belonging

In Intersectionality, the Artists are giving us the tools to see, express and together create social change through a new framework that enables us to understand and shape our ever-evolving selves. The exhibit invites the viewer to weave their inner threads as they shift from the expression of one artist to the next and meet them individually and collectively.
This exhibition is organized by The Read’s Artspace Ground Floor Gallery Committee.

Opening Reception:
Thursday January 24, 2019 @ 6–10 pm. Join us for wine and hors d’oeuvres and meet the artists. The show will be open through February 28, 2019.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday 12PM – 5PM
Wednesday 12PM – 5PM
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Sunday Closed
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Private showing is available by appointment

This exhibition is organized by The Read’s Artspace Ground Floor Gallery Committee.

For more images and more information, contact:
Liz Squillace
Vasken Kalayjian

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GK Brand, Inc.
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